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Buy Solar Panels in Melbourne From Eco Relief

We help you secure your Solar Panels in Melbourne by designing and installing a solar panels Melbourne government rebate that generates clean and efficient electricity.

Peace of mind :
We are a customer-focused company that guides you through every stage of the solar installers in Melbourne, whatever size your project is. As an accredited installer, we guarantee a high level of service. .

Affordable up-to-date technology :
At Eco Relief we offer you the latest technological innovations at the most affordable prices, making Electric Solar Panels a practical solution for everyone. We use the most efficient solar power in Melbourne available, design, and install technically excellent solar power. We work with partners who are at the forefront of the Home.

We afford low carbon solar panels for home solutions :

Whatever the stage of your project, give us a call and we can help solar panels Melbourne cost. In addition to our most efficient Solar Panels, we offer solar panel repairs Melbourne for end-users such as school and educational facilities to make sure they get the most from their investment.


We did the math on the amount of power the most efficient solar panels of our time can produce annually in average environmental circumstances and compared it to some fun & interesting uses of power.

Save up on Your Heating Bills!

With winter being just around the corner, it's time for homeowners to gear up for hefty heating bills. However, there are a few ways in which they can save up on these bills. For More Information You Can Contact.

Seal the House.

A great amount of indoor heat can be contained by homeowners by ensuring that the house is properly sealed.

Insulate the House.

Adding an extra layer of insulation in certain areas of the house like the attic always helps in keeping the house warm.

Use Programmable Thermostats.

This will allow you to Adjust and set lower temperatures overnight or during those times when there is no one in the house.

Adjust Indoor Vents

Altering the airflow in every single room of the house enables you to attain consistent heating in all parts.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Clean and well-maintained air filters make it possible for the heating system to function more efficiently all winter.

Let In The Sunshine

Whenever the windows are exposed to direct sunlight open the blinds to let the room heat up naturally.

Heating System Well-Maintained

A heating system that runs smoothly and efficiently makes a huge impact on the heating bills.

Upgrade Old Heating System.

To make the most of the advanced technology replace the outdated system with a new and more effective.

Solar Home

Your solar panels produce clean, renewable energy that is used by your home throughout the day. All excess energy that does not get used is sent to the grid in exchange for Grid Credits.

Meter Grid

Credits are calculated by a bi-directional meter that measures the amount of energy you send back to the grid and the amount of energy you consume from your utility company.


The grid exchanges your Grid Credits to supply you with an equal amount of energy during non-daylight hours when your panels are not producing electricity. This process greatly lowers your hydro costs.

5 Reasons to Go Solar RIGHT NOW

1) Prices and Incentives

The price Of solar panels has fallen significantly in the last 7-10 years and has Stabilized. Current incentives get a 30% tax credit so now is maybe the best time ever (past. present and future) to go solar! For Huge Info Visit Link.

2) Solar energy provides clean energy.

In some community's air pollution and other emissions from dirty energy Can cause Severe health risks. not to mention it's a harmful impact on the environment.

3) Solar is Huge making investment.

Most homeowners see rates of return that far outperform savings, mutual funds, or even the S&P 500. In other words, 10% IRR and solar leases are saving homeowners 15-30% on their monthly bills with an upfront cost of as little as $0 down.

4) Personal freedom from rising costs.

Solar power on your roof means independence from rising utility rates power prices have increased on average 3-4% per year.

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