Solar system is basically a set of several components. It is the quality of the components used that determines the quality of a solar system. We at Eco Relief understand that every component has an importance of its own and carries a significant value. Generally it is perceived that it is only the panels and the inverter are the components that matter, but it has got many more components to be carefully considered including the safety switches, the mounting kit that includes the railings, clip locks and other mounting kit components and at Eco Relief we take ample care for these. A major reason for giving a thought to this is, the solar system is a long term investment that is going to give you returns for a long, very long time with Eco Relief Solar Systems.

Residential Solar

LG Chem Battery

  • LG Chem, with the world's first and best electric vehicle battery lineup, is leading the market as a global leader by supplying electric vehicle batteries from BEV to μ-HEV.
  • Provides long-distance driving and fast charging with its innovative technologies.
  • High Energy Density, space optimization, quick charge.
  • Durable and excellent secondary process ability
  • Maximum amps of backup circuits-24amps
LG Chem Battery

Alpha ESS Battery

  • Controlled by EMS and Alpha Cloud with cutting edge algorithm to improve battery lifetime and efficiency.
  • Safe and reliable Certified by international authorities, Alpha ESS products are well recognized with outstanding product safety and reliability.
  • Alpha ESS provides customized energy storage solutions for on-grid, off-grid and micro-grid applications at both residential and industrial & commercial levels.
  • Making clean energy beneficial to the greatest extent to everyone in the world.
Alpha ESS Battery

Selectronic Battery

  • High Efficiency and flexible
  • Maximize battery life via precise charging control
  • No frequency variations to the loads.
  • Certified by ABB and fronius
Selectronic Battery

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