Solar system is basically a set of several components. It is the quality of the components used that determines the quality of a solar system. We at Eco Relief understand that every component has an importance of its own and carries a significant value. Generally it is perceived that it is only the panels and the inverter are the components that matter, but it has got many more components to be carefully considered including the safety switches, the mounting kit that includes the railings, clip locks and other mounting kit components and at Eco Relief we take ample care for these. A major reason for giving a thought to this is, the solar system is a long term investment that is going to give you returns for a long, very long time with Eco Relief Solar Systems.

Residential Solar

Sofar Solar Inverter

  • Sofar Solar inverter are equipped with 25-Year data storage capability includes
  • Easy installation “Plug & Play” connection
  • Flexible and economical system solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible monitoring solution
  • Intelligent grid management
  • Reactive power capability
  • Self power reducer when over frequency
Sofar Solar Inverter

Sungrow Inverter

Sungrow PV inverters come in a range from 2.5 kW to 6.8 MW and offer an efficiency of over 99%. Ready to convert on any scale you need. Reliable for both residential and commercial usage

  • High Yield:-Sungrow's inverters achieve up to 99% efficiency with up to 2 MPPTs
  • Easy to install and even easier to run
  • Highly compatible and easy maintenance
  • Storage ranging from 3.6KW to 2.5MW
  • Grid Safety:-provide protection for both DC and AC compiles with global safety
  • Touch-free commissioning and remote firmware upgrades make operation and maintenance (O&M) a breeze.
Sungrow Inverter

Fronius Inverter

  • Efficient, reliable and form the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system.
  • Power categories:-ranges from 1.5-27.0kW
Fronius Inverter

Fronius Primo Inverter

  • Snap inverter generation
  • 3KW-8.2KW
  • Easy to install and even easier to run
  • This single phase, transformer less device is the ideal inverter for private households.
  • Maximum Usable Input Current (A): 18
  • Number of MPPT: 1 & 2
  • Maximum Efficiency: 97%
Fronius Primo Inverter

Fronius Symo Inverter

  • Light Weight Snap Inverter Generation
  • 3 KW ~ 20 KW
  • The high system voltage, wide input voltage range and two MPP trackers ensure maximum flexibility in system design.
Fronius Symo Inverter

Fronius Eco Inverter

Snap inverter generation

  • 25 KW & 27 KW
  • Easy to install and even easier to run
Fronius Eco Inverter

SMA Inverters

  • SMA Solar is world's most trusted solar inverter brand
  • Reliable and efficient brands of solar inverter for homes, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications.
  • SMA Solar - Sunny Boy (3-5 KW)
  • Sunny Tripower (5-12 KW & 12-30 KW)
  • Sunny Tripower Core 1 (50 KW - new model)
  • Solid-Q 50 and Sunny Tripower 60 KW- Grid-tied inverter - Net-metering ready
SMA Inverters

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