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Solar power systems capture light and heat energy from the sun and harnesses this clean natural resource without damaging the environment.

Solar System

Solar System

Solar system is one of the environmental friendly methods to capture free energyfrom the sun and convert the energy into electricity.

Welcome to Eco Relief

At Eco Relief we are committed to improving our collective environmental impact. We assist you to purchase the correct solar power system for your budget and needs. With accredited installers, a hard working professional approach and the determination to only use the highest quality of solar equipment we aim to set the standard in the renewable energy industry high.All products that we supply are amongst the market leaders due to their high efficiency and as a result provide significant environmental and economical benefits to the property owner.

News and events

  • Greens want 'fair price' for solar power and access to grid for all

    Greens launch clean energy policy with spending to put solar in schools, a ‘fast-track’ to renewable energy and a right to solar for renters

  • Municipal Solar and Microgrids

    Small cities and towns are prime off takers for solar power and solar developers are hoping to delve further into that market in 2016

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New Solar Project
New Solar Project
New Solar Project
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